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Studio "Wasanna"gives the complex of services:

video & photography;

creation of musical clip & slide-show;

the advertising & promo rollers;

the video presentations & video instructions;

We are always opened for non-standard and interesting orders, and so for the most different variety of collaborations.

Status of services

Status of services - this is a new automated system on our website, which allows all our customers automatically track the status of implementation and processing services ordered from the photo-video.

Each of our clients receives the e-mail newsletter with a personal code of order.

With this code, every customer can track the status of Projects ordered services in our studio.

Status of services

After you complete an order for contact e-mail client will leave an automated message "Your order is for services performed"

Processing order

You can process order on our services in any convenient way for you:

Please fill out the "brief" to count the cost of services for your wedding. Calculating the cost will be sent to your e-mail during the day.

to write on an e-mail: wasanna@i.ua;

to take advantage of form of dispatch of reports in the section"Contacts"of our site.

If you sent the message on the e-mail or took the form of dispatch of our site we would connect with you and answer all questions during a day. We can agree on the meeting for necessity.

Point your contact information in the message.

How to pay services

payment of services is carried out on foundation and in accordance with an agreement about the grant of services «The agreement about given services», that we conclude with each client

reserving of services upon the interesting you date is carried out by the conclusion of treaty and granting advance in size of 30% from the talked about sum of order. The final calculation is produced at the moment of transmission of the prepared material.

rrices of services are fixed in the agreement and don’t change in the future.

Note:It’s needed to take into account, we often negotiate with some clients at the same time and have the right to collaborate with person who paid the advance at the first.

All consultations are free.

Validity of the certificate within 12 months from the date of purchase.

If you want to please your loved one or your favorite, make a great gift for a friend or a friend - contact us in any convenient way, and we will explain how to buy a certificate.

Wedding photobook

To emphasize the beauty of your photos, we propose to give them a nice cutting in the form of individual design and the frame in the form of photobooks.

Our studio is pleased to offer manufacturing wedding, baby and family photo books, photo books Love Story or portfolio, as well as photo books about the holiday or journey.

The manufacturing process includes:

choice together with the client concept and style of the album;

professional retouching, color correction, layout;

high-quality photo printing;

large selection of covers;

period of production of photo books - from 2 weeks to 2 months.

For the lead through of marketing of own services we reserve a right on the noncommercial using of the best works in publications, exhibitions, own advertising or demonstration portfolio. On a separate agreement a survey is possible subject to conditions confidentiality. All terms are taken into account in an agreement.

Invitation cards

You can order for your celebration invitations and greeting cards handmade with the application of the text (names / dates) or images (pictures) as a single pattern, and the personalization of each product.

The cost of this service depends on the wishes of the client and is calculated after selecting the final version of the layout.

From what does begin and what the video survey of wedding day ends with?

Video and photo survey begins from talked about time according to an agreement. As a rule it is time from the moment of preparation of fiancée and fiancé to ceremony. It takes about an hour. If the preparation of fiancée and fiancé has any plot then it’d take more time on production for realization of idea. The survey of all chain of events is further. A survey is closed after the cutting of wedding cake. Operators work to 23.00. In the case of necessity to prolong work of operators after 23.00, all talks about according to the agreement.

How is it correct to plan a wedding day that it positively affected of wedding film?

It is necessary for this as many as possible time for a production survey. It is especially when you’ll plan moves on different locations to remote from the place of conducting of banquet. For example: you have registration at 12.00 o’clock and banquet at 13.00 o’clock — three hours for producing video survey and photo survey. It’s very little time even if you wouldn’t leave out of town. Departure will take an hour yet, and can anymore, but this time can be devoted a survey. It is desirable to have 3-4 hours for a walk and production survey. Many the newly-married couples practice a wedding walk to the registration. For example, after redemption conducted walk with production video survey and photography, then registration, for example, at 14.00 o’clock and banquet. This variant is comfortable that your invited guests on the ceremony of marriage won’t have to wait that time, when you will go for a walk for a conducting of production video and photo survey. There is yet another variant which we practice very often. Production photo and video survey conducted after wedding on talked about day and time. This variant is comfortable that you will not hurry and worry about time. There is great number of variants to do a beautiful photo not sparing weddings dresses. It is possibility to move on different locations.

For what interval of time to the date of our wedding is it needed to order video and photo?

As soon as you will know the date of your wedding exactly, recommend to reserve this day. It is necessary to discuss all details and pay advance in size of 20% from the cost of services that reserve a necessary you date. From the moment of paying advance your order is accepted. Request, it’s needed to take into account, we often negotiate with some clients at the same time and have the right to collaborate with person who paid the advance at the first.

What duration will our wedding video film be?

In our view, duration of video film is far not the most important index. Depending on your program, amounts of the involved cameras, the not cutting material of survey took from 3 to 8 hours on wedding. The purpose of the further editing is to do a film which you will watch with pleasure and not press on key of rewinding fast. All important and interesting moments are taken into account in a film. In editing practically all material is used except technical moments of survey. In the total duration of the prepared video can be from one and a half to 2,5-3 hours.

Do we can to take away draft materials?

In editing of video film all turned out material is used except technical moments of survey and in this connection digital transmitters on which a record was produced not given. A variant is possible on a preliminary agreement, which talks about individually.

How many does it require time on editing of our wedding?

All terms of editing of packages of services are indicated in a supplementary of the agreement. A term depends on the choice of package of services (Standard, De-luxe, VIP) and it takes from 2 weeks to 5 months. Package of “Standard” takes from 2 weeks to 2 months on the average.

Is it certainly to write down the contract?

Yes, it is. All kinds and terms of services are described in it. There is talked and fixed price. The contract has legal force.

Are there the hidden payments?

No, aren’t. We work according to contract which concludes all price policy, all payments and services.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use the professional technique of producers of Canon, Panasonic and also during a survey used additional equipment.

Will we be able to copy a DVD-disk with a film?

We do not set on defence from copy. You can also order some copies. Advantage of such order is in that we use only high-quality DVD-disks and every copy is designed as DVD-box with polygraphy and cover.

Can we choose musical accompaniment of film?

Yes, of course, we take into account your wishes. We choose style and tempo which depend on your musical preferences and then we make survey and cutting your wedding film.

What styles do you photography?

Wedding photography can be divided into 2 kinds: reporting photography and production. During reporting survey of wedding a photographer "dissolves" among your guests and in any way does not influence on motion of wedding. He only looks after you outside and catches emotions and all key moments of what be going on. During production photography a wedding a photographer creates beautiful, emotional images, and places of photography are chosen beforehand which are the most suitable you, to your style and image. Both types of survey have the "pluses" and "minuses". We try to unite both styles of survey in our work that represent your holiday as possible brighter in a wedding album.

What style do you make a survey?

Style of survey of every wedding is determined depending on your musical and artistic preferences and talks about beforehand. For example, if you prefer quiet romantic music, long stills are needed with decelerations, flights of camera and smooth transitions; but if you like dynamic clips anymore, the deference of planned survey is needed with relatively short and often changing stills. In the most films we try correctly to combine romanticism of your relationships with a dynamics and emotions of wedding day.

Do you use decorations in the film such as hearts, asterisks and others?

Lately this question is asked more rarely. And, nevertheless –we don’t use cheap adornments and three-dimensional transitions in films, as consider that a fashion on them is inconstant and in a couple of years it will be not very much pleasantly to look at twinkling of asterisks, flights of bright hearts and angular cherubs for you. We give preference to the high-quality survey and competent editing with the using of easy colour correction, of possible stylization and sometimes smooth transitions between the scenes.

Is it possible to order your services if we live in other town where your representatives are absent?

Yes, it is possibly, we work in different cities.

Is there possibility to reserve your services on the date of our wedding if representatives aren’t present in our town?

Yes, this situation is foreseen. We practice the delivery of contract by existing courier's service in your town.


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